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Thread: New to the Site! Proud Army Girlfriend

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    New to the Site! Proud Army Girlfriend

    Hello, my name is Ally!!
    I joined this website because I have been looking for people, who can relate to what I am going through. My boyfriend has finished up with Boot Camp and he is about to finish up AIT. After AIT, he will be going to some other training and then he will be stationed.
    Some days, it is super hard and I just miss him so much. I feel alone sometimes because I try to talk to my friends, but most do not understand and become annoyed because they feel I talk about it too much. Other days, I am great and really happy. However, recently, I have been have the rough days.
    I really just need some people to connect with and try to get me through the rough days and try to have the better days.
    Thank you!!
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    I've been in your shoes before. This is a really good place to vent and get advice

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    to MSOS. Please take a moment to read over our Everything A Newbie Needs To Know!!!thread. This is a very important sticky that will answer many of our most common newbie questions. It also has some VERY important information that every member of this site needs to read and know.
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    My boyfriend recently defiance just left for the army did he get to talk to you during his AITS?
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    Welcome!! So happy to be connecting with other military so's! The support here is amazing

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