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Thread: New to Military Life

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    New to Military Life

    Hello. My name is Karley and I'm new to this site and the army life. My boyfriend of 6 years joined the army and will be leaving for bootcamp soon. I'm not sure what to expect with this new life. Any advice for a newcomer?
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    Hi Karley!!
    I have some advice that I hope will help. My boyfriend of a year and a couple months left for Army Boot Camp at the beginning of August in 2017. He was there for 10 weeks, which went by quick some days and dragged on others.
    Here is where my advice begins. At the beginning of his boot camp, like the first two weeks, it will definitely feel like an eternity because you may not receive a phone call or a letter. However, when you receive the first letter of many, your heart will feel warm and you will realizes it was completely worth waiting.
    Another piece of advice when you send him letters, include pictures because I am sure he will truly enjoy them and will hang them up and show you off to other people in his barracks. Also, it can make his long and hard days be a better by seeing pictures of loved ones.
    I will let you know that some days will be really rough, where you just want to be with him and you cannot, but those only last for a little bit. You will have your bad days, but make sure the good days outweigh the bad ones. Because your boyfriend will not want you to be upset.
    My last piece of advice is try not to get frustrated with family members or friends that are not quite sure what you are going through and when they give advice like "you will see him soon" or "it will go by faster than you know it". They are there to help and are trying the best they can because they do not want you to be upset.
    Lastly, I know it will never be easier, but with each farewell it will get less and less hard. I hope this advice will help and I hope you get a letter soon

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