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Thread: Brand New and Seeking Help

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    Brand New and Seeking Help

    Hello, I want to start off by saying one of my close friends recently moved to Colorado to be with her husband on his air force base. They are just entering their second year of marriage and unfortunately, it has been a rough first year. My friend has left all of her friends behind to be with him and is struggling with making friends and adjusting to the military wife life. Not only has she felt isolated, the couple just found out that they are losing their baby boy after four months of being pregnant. Any kind words are appreciated for me to send to her. I have also created a gofundme page for them.
    Thank you so much for reading.
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    to MSOS. Please take a moment to read over our Everything A Newbie Needs To Know!!!thread. This is a very important sticky that will answer many of our most common newbie questions. It also has some VERY important information that every member of this site needs to read and know.

    Advertising (which soliciting donations falls under) is not allowed on in regular posts, please see our guidelines here:
    Fundraising, Advertising and Classified Guidlines

    As such I removed the link from your post. However, if you would like to stick around you could still get advice on how to help your friend. If she is struggling I would recommend she contact Military One Source, they can put her in touch with a professional as well as other resources the military has that may help her through this time.
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    Hi and welcome. I'm so sorry for their loss, but I'm a bit confused... a gofundme page for what? Have you suggested that she join this site herself? There are a number of people on here in similar situations that might be able to relate and give more specific advice.
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    have her look into military one source for counseling. 12 free sessions and no one knows.

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