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Thread: Army National Guard, deployment and a new relationship.

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    Army National Guard, deployment and a new relationship.

    Hello everyone. 👋🏻

    My DB is in the Army National Guard. Works construction for his civilian career. He came to my City in October to build a new store. We met right after. Things are wonderful. He would go home once a month to see his kids(older children from previous marriage). And then to drill once a month as well. The rest of the time he's here. It was always known that he would be done with his building this month.

    At first we kept things casual. We didn't want to get into a big relationship when we knew we would not be local to each other for long. But that did not happen, AT ALL! We have both fallen head over heels for each other.

    Two months ago he was warned they were going to probably be deployed in July. He started to distance himself at that point, but we kept together. Things have been a bit more difficult but he's still just as wonderful as ever.

    Then last month they said the deployment would be in September. But his building is now almost done, he'll be heading back to his home state in roughly one month.

    We are still doing well, I have been able to soothe all of his fears that he's "not worth it" to wait for during the deployment. But now thinking about all the months we will have to spend as a LDR before the deployment, I'm getting worried. I love him, he loves me. But he's so worried about what if he doesn't come home... He doesn't want me to sit here "for nothing."

    I'm struggling. We both want us to work, and he talks about "if he gets back" quite often. I think we're honestly just scared. This is his Third deployment, he's infantry. This will be my first.

    Not really sure what I'm asking or saying. Just need to get that out there.
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