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Thread: New Army Partner

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    Sorry girl. I'm glad you found this forum and found out before it got any worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malindra View Post
    His real name of the profile he borrowed is from an army vet. I have reached out to this person to let him know he pictures are being used. Now to get this scammer as he was very convincing. He even kept the same last name.
    I just wanted to say, out of all the scammers I've seen brought up here, he was one of the most realistic. Please, if you do, don't feel bad about it. He seriously seemed to do his homework before talking to you.
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    OP, so that we can better help future victims of scams who come here, can you please clarify? I was under the impression he had actually sent you an email from an account end in ".mil". Is that correct? I'm very curious about how he was able to do that if he's not affiliated with the military. That's usually one of the first things we tell people questioning someone, so if scammers have found a way around that, it would be good to know.

    Or did he just give you that address but never actually send you anything from it?
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