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Thread: How do i keep from losing my mind

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    Sad How do i keep from losing my mind

    Hi, Im a new to the site. We are stationed in Guam, he got here in December, I came in March. He deployed this morning, he's on a submarine so there will be very little (if any) contact while he's gone. I dont know anyone here. Any advice on how to stay sane?
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    Hi! DH is a submariner as well. He should be able to contact you regularly (at least a few emails a week) from the boat and whenever they're in port. Only time he won't be able to contact you is if they're on mission. I know Guams deployments are a little different though so it's going to depend on the length of the deployment.

    To stay sane check out a new hobby, get a job, take some classes, join groups for various things!
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    I have no advice on not losing your mind, as I crossed that bridge years ago.

    Welcome though!!!!
    I think reaching out is a great first step. I would get involved in your community and reach out to others, who might be lonely too.
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    Are you connected with the FRG? Have you taken a COMPASS class? Looks like there is one next week.
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    I can say as retired Navy an now a new Air Force spouse it's different on the other side. I'm not sure if this will help but I can tell you being out at sea for half my time in the Navy I thought about my loved ones ever moment of the day. So he is thinking about you to!! The best way to not lose your mind is same for both sides. The time you get together make the most of it. The time apart is temporary but it's the job. Both have to stay strong for one another. Spouses are just as important as the active duty member. For me I miss my better half more than anything but I keep myself busy by taking pride in the fact that I work, take care of the bills, the house, the puppy, and support her so that she can stay stress free and come home safe to me. Her being stress free can save the life of the person next to her as well. So the best thing is to find that hobby and take pride in what you do for your family. I promise you that your loved one will appreciate all you do. Well I hope this helps!!!

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