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Thread: Hi! New Navy Girlfriend

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    Hi! New Navy Girlfriend

    Hello all! I have been looking through the posts on this site for the past week, and decided that it was about time to sign up and become a part of the community. My boyfriend left for boot camp recently, which makes me a new Navy girlfriend. Although I am staying busy and dealing with the transition relatively well, I still have my difficult moments. I thought that it would be good for me to find support from a group of individuals who understand just exactly what I'm going through. I'm sure you'll see more posts from me around the different forums, but I did want to introduce myself really quickly in this one first.
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    Welcome to thee site! You'll definitely find that this is a great community full of helpful and knowledgable people!
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    to MSOS. Please take a moment to read over our Everything A Newbie Needs To Know!!!thread. This is a very important sticky that will answer many of our most common newbie questions. It also has some VERY important information that every member of this site needs to read and know.
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    Welcome! Love your profile gif, btw!! Haha. Looking forward to getting to know you. You'll find that people here are very helpful and kind. Wishing you the best as through this new experience!!
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    Your horse is missing two legs!!!
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    Hello! I'm also a Navy Girlfriend too! Hopefully we can talk and become friends and help support each other through the hard moments in our lives!😌❤️⚓️

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