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Thread: Hello! I'm a new Army girlfriend!

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    Big Grin Hello! I'm a new Army girlfriend!

    Hi I'm a new Army girlfriend. My boyfriend of almost 4 years is now at Fort Benning for Infantry. Surprisingly I'm not too upset right now. I feel excited for him and even more excited to see him at graduation! He's wanted to be in the Military since he was very young and now he is finally living his dream! In August I will begin studying for a degree in Ministry and Leadership. I'm hoping to someday have my own ministry and work for non profits and churches. Between school and work I'm hoping the time will fly by! I'm glad I found this site it has been very helpful! 😊
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    Welcome to the site! It's definitely a very helpful place with lots of awesome people. Congrats to your DB btw! And good for you for being so uplifting and supportive of his dreams despite the separation. Also, good luck in all your schooling as well!
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    My father in law is an ordained minister with VOA (volunteers of America) and absolutely loves it. Just a thought if you haven't decided where you would like to dedicate your time.
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