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Thread: New Army Girlfriend

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    I have gone through my DB being in basic and now he is going to finish AIT soon! Unfortunately there was no difference for me between the two since he didn't get his phone and he's only gotten one phone call. Be prepared your DB could or could not get his phone for AIT. What helped me through was staying busy. I also wrote as much as I could so I felt like I was still able to talk to him. Remember that the military can change their mind at any money and almost nothing is set in stone. For graduation his family time was cut by three hours each night. They also decided just weeks before AIT graduation to direct ship him to his duty station instead of giving him 10 days leave. Just think of this as practice for deployments.
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    When my ex was in Basic, there was a Facebook page, or group, where they shared regular updates with the family and friends. Have you looked to see if they have one for his group? That helped a lot. It helped fill in the gaps between letters from him. It also helped connect with other's who had loved one's there.
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