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Thread: New here, possibly geo-baching, and I have some questions. Please help!

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    Thank you everyone for your replies! We will weigh our options between active duty and reserves, assuming that 2 households will have to be paid for out of BAH. Again, thanks for all of your help.
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    Hi .... welcome aboard. DH and i lived apart for some time and we received BAH for his location. Not sure about the barracks question cause that wasnt an option. It was easier for us because i was living with my parents so we really didnt have 2 housing costs.

    I will second the comment that recruiters may not intentionally lie to you but make it sound much easier than it will be in real life.
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    My husband and I are currently living apart due to a year's worth of training. Our situation sounds like it might be different b/c they gave him the choice to have his orders accompanied or unaccompanied, and he does have a barracks room.

    Our decision was based on me being able to continue to work in our current State, as his move is only for 6 months, and then he has to go through a series of additional schools (whose lengths and schedules vary).

    BAH is based on where he is living, but for us that ended up being sigificantly higher than where I am. We are using the extra funds to replenish our savings account to potentially buy another house when we come back together at his next duty station.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tshiplett View Post
    Hello, firstly I know I will probably be bashed for some of my questions. But, my husband is about to join active duty in the Army and we are considering me staying home with our daughter due to my career and our financial situation. We have talked to 3 recruiters and they have all told us that if I am to stay here, we would still get BAH and that it wouldn't be a problem for him to stay in the barracks, even if he's stationed stateside. I've googled and it seems like that is not the case. Any advice on this would be great! Also, I'm wondering how leave works.
    Generally if you choose to stay where you are while he moves around than he gets BAH for where he is (so yes he gets it but for his location) and most commonly he will not be able to live on base (or if he does sometimes have to pay a fee). What the recruiter is talking about is when the military tells him he is going alone and his dependents can not go than he can live in the barracks and bah will be for where you live. So what you are talking about is having to support 2 complete households on your incomes. If finances are an issue this might not help any. Depending on your career you could possibly move and continue along that path or at least get a job you can live with while in that location. Personally, I would not choose to live apart from my husband for an undetermined date.
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