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Thread: Feeling sad.

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    Sad Feeling sad.

    Hi everyone!

    I gave birth to my sweet girl 2 months ago! It has been a mix of emotions since I've given birth. My husband an I are currently living in Mississippi. We have about 2 years left here and we can't wait for it to be over. We hate living here. It's been tough because we're both from California and we are away from our families. My husband went back to work when our baby was 10 days old. And My parents came to visit when our baby was 2 weeks old. But since then, his command has extended his working hours. On days, he'll work 6 days a week with a 10 hour Friday and Sunday shift. I've gotten pretty used to taking care of a baby by myself since he's at work a lot and he has funeral detail one week a month. Some days are just tough (like today)! I am usually such a happy person but living here just makes me so sad. My husband dislikes it too and we just count down the months until it's over. Our families don't get it either. The majority of our friends here dislike it too. The base is in the middle of the country, the houses are super old and have mold and a leaky roof. We are going home to California next week to visit and so that our families can meet our baby girl and we just can't wait to be home. Sorry for all the complaining! Just needed somewhere to vent and I know a lot of new moms here can definitely relate. ��
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    It's a lot to handle at once! Even dealing with one of those things would make a lot of people sad and you're juggling them all! I would try to make time for yourself to do things you enjoy though I know it might be hard to squeeze it in.
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    That's rough

    I can really relate to you about hating the base you're at. We were supposed to go back to California after DH came off extremely stressful 3 year special duty assignment but they sent him to the middle of f****** nowhere instead. I cannot wait to leave.

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