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Thread: Introducing Noah!

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    Introducing Noah!

    Welcome Noah Thomas! He was born January 8th at 8:56 am. 7lb 1oz and 19.75 inches long!

    My water broke at 7:45 pm right before dinner. Not sure if it was my mucus plug or my water. I put on a pad and ate dinner. I soaked through the pad in 30 minutes so I knew it was my water. I called my doctor who said to go to the hospital, it was baby time! Got to the hospital, sure enough it was my water but I was just 1cm. My doctors were not on call that night so the triage doctor was going to deliver if he came that night, but I probably would be fine, because it wouldn't be until tomorrow afternoon.

    We got in a room and it was suggested that I get some sleep because I wasn't having strong contractions I could have a long labor. 30 minutes into trying to sleep, the contractions picked up. At this point it was 12 and I was so tired, so I labored in bed until 4. I should have gotten up and moved around sooner, but was so tired ( I had a bout of pregnancy insomnia the night before) they checked me at 4 am and I was only a 2! But fully effaced. Contractions were strong at 2-4 minutes apart. They took me off the monitors and I had 45 minutes to walk around, I walked around the room and the labor was super intense. I felt like I was going through transition, I couldn't handle it anymore, if this was a 2-3 I needed to sleep. I saved the white flag and got the eipideral. I really beat myself up over it, but I wouldn't be able to push if I didn't get energy from a nap. I got the eipideral, they warned me that because I had been only a two they might need to do the pitocin to keep things moving.

    A few contractions after getting the eipideral they checked me again, (about an hour before I had been a two) they nurse was in shock... I was almost a 10! If I felt the urge we should push! They think the eipideral made me relax and my body was able dilate. Personally, I think if they checked me before getting the epidural I would have been there. Oh well.

    He was still really high, and I pushed for almost two hours and eventually he came out at 8:56 (13 hours after water breaking!)! I had requested to delay Everything and do immediate skin to skin and delay the cord clamp until it stopped pulsating. But he was super white when he came out and didn't cry immediately, just cooed. So as soon as they plopped him on my chest, they scooped him up to check on him. Almost instantly from being taken off me he cried. It was heart breaking to see the delivery team doing their checks on him while I just watched from the bed. I had to deliver the placenta and get stitched up (level 2 tear in the front and level 1 in back) so I was busy, but I just wanted to see my baby!

    We went home yesterday and besides the pain from my tears and sleepless nights from cluster feedings, we have been doing fairly well.

  2. we were all rooting for you
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    we were all rooting for you
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    omg, usually like 9 out of 10 babies just look like a grumpy old man but daaaaaang yours is adorable! congrats!
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    Look at that sweet face!!

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    Awwww, he is beautiful! Congratulations mama. Sending you quick healing vibes.

    <3 Anthiea <3 KittenMittens <3
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    He's adorable

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    He's adorable. He shares a birthday with my 3 year old.

    Im so in love with you hunny. I know I have never felt this powerful of a love before, I have only thought it was possible for those rare lucky few. And now I think we have it. Or are we just now part of the lucky rare few? XOXO Love you hun. -DH 9/8/11
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    Bowie, MD
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    So handsome! Congrats!
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    Oh my gosh, he's a ham! Congrats!
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    Adorable! Congratulations!
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