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Thread: Well this sucks

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    Well this sucks

    It turns out I have PPA (postpartum anxiety), which I didn't even know was a thing. Ever since Olivia was born I've had severe anxiety with her. I'm constantly thinking something is wrong woth her. Anytime someone holds her I have a panic attack inside because I think they aren't doing it right or that she's going to get sick. I had someone watch her while I ran to work and I came back to her crying so I automatically assume she wasn't taken care of.... I don't even trust my husband to watch her while I'm away... I hate driving with her because I can't see her well.. I'm just an anxious mess! I didn't think anything of it since I am so over the moon happy with life. I decided to call the doctor to ask about it and he put me on Lexapro.

    I feel like a crap mom because I'm taking medicine now. I want to be able to leave the room to go pee and not think that my daughter stopped breathing or something.

    I just had to get that off of my chest
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    You did the right thing by calling your doctor! I hope you start to feel some relief of your anxiety soon!
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    You're definitely not a crap mom! You're actually a badass - you recognized that something unusual was going on and asked for help! That's awesome and brave
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    You're an awesome mama!

    PPA is such a horrible feeling. I had it with my son and never sought help. I felt helpless and anxious always. It wasn't until I had my daughter, four years later, that I got help when it returned. You are so brave for talking to your doctor!
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    you're a good mom for realizing something wasn't right and taking the medication needed to make it better!
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    I thought all mom's did that! That sounds normal.
    And your not a failure. Ugh
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    You're not in anyway a crap mom. You felt something was off and called your doctor, that's being an excellent mother.
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    You are doing the right thing. No shame in medication. I was on zoloft for PPD. Plus with everything you went through to get pregnant, it makes sense that you would be paranoid.
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    Lots of I'm glad you realized something was wrong and got help.
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    There is nothing wrong with being on medicine, you are not a crap mom. I have always suffered from anxiety and was on Lexapro years back. I went off of my meds once everything was under control. When I became pregnant my ob put me on Zoloft because I was so anxious during my pregnancy. they also wanted to try to prevent PPD by getting everything under control . So I understand what its like being anxious and on medicine. My son is now 14 months and I recently stopped my anxiety meds. They might only be for a season so don't be hard on yourself. Even if its not there is nothing wrong with taking meds. You are a wonderful mom who is taking care of herself so you can take care of your daughter.

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