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Thread: Kids' clothing sizes

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    Kids' clothing sizes

    What size are your kids wearing these days? How old are they? If you have more than one, did they all grow at similar rates or completely different? Just curious.

    I kind of assumed that DD would stick around the same size as her age bc that's what DS did, so I bought clothes the whole time I was pregnant to match the seasons according to her age. DS was always on the small end of things, so I thought that would be a safe bet for her too. In fact, he is still wearing 2T and 24mo at almost 3 years old! Poor Caden. I'm so afraid he is going to get picked on when he's older for being tiny.

    DD is the complete opposite so far. She's barely 3 months old, and this girl is already wearing 6mo clothes in most brands! Most of her 6 mo clothes and 9 mo clothes are for warmer weather, so I definitely need to go buy some winter clothes in her size. I do have a ton of cardigans and tights, so the clothes won't ALL go to waste but some will. I have already taken the tags off and washed them all so returning them definitely isn't an option, and I can't re-sell them as "new" since they've been washed.

    Guess what they say about assuming things is true!

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    Aria will be 2 on Feb 11th and she wears 3T, 4T and size 7 shoes. She has always been bigger size wise.
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    Cadence (13 in 3 days) wears size 5 in juinors and S in womens with a size 8.5 womens shoe. She is 5'7
    Courtney (11) wears size 5 in juiniors, but a M womens with a size 7 shoe.
    Kason (7) wears a 7 in shirts. He wears a 7 in pants but only for length. He can still fit in a 4/5T in the waste. Size 13 shoe.
    Kaia (5) wears a 6 in everything. She can wear a 5 but we are going with 6's because she will grow again soon. She is only in a size 9 toddler shoe.
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    Landon is 5 months old and he's so long he's wearing 9-12 month clothing He's so skinny though pants that size just slip off of him!
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    Wyatt is almost 4 and in 2t, maybe. If I cinch the waist his shorts are all 9mos size he's always been tiny and in the tenth percentile. Emmett is between 12-18mos and in 50th percentile and also has been like that since birth. He looks like a gargantuan next to Wyatt and how wyatt has grown but I have to remember that he's average and Wyatt is just a peanut.
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    My oldest is 9 and wearing 7slims, my 6 year old is wearing 6S.

    Each child is different.
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    For Landon, he got big really quick and stayed that way for awhile, but then went back down.

    I mean, he started wearing 3t-4t somewhere between 12 months and 18 months Then he started slimming down a little after 2, and eventually went back down to the 2T clothing. Now he's 3 and in 3T shirts and 4T pants.

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    ODD is 13 and wears a 14 girls in pants. We've tried juniors and they don't fit right yet. In tops she wears an X-small in juniors or petites.

    ODS is 9 and wears a 10 in pants. We have to tighten them as far they'll go but he needs the height. In shirts he wears a medium or something with a 10. Preferably a 10/12 but he may be able to swing an 8/10 depending on the shirt.

    YDS is 7 and wears an 8 in pants. He can swing an 8/10 in shirts a lot more than ODS but he tends to wear what ODS has so I've started to just buy the size that ODS can wear and they share shirts.

    YDD is 2 and wears a 2T, sometimes a 3t in shirts.
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    Paityn is 5 and she is wearing 5/6 size clothing and size 10 shoes... She has a big foot like I do but she's so skinny she can still fit into a lot of her 4T stuff she's just super tall so the pants are all like capris if they're 4T!

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    Naomi is 3 now and on mainly 4T clothes and size 7/8 shoes. Some her pants are 5t to get over her bootty but then they are way to long.
    Edmund is almost 1 and he's in 24m/2t.
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