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Thread: Car seat installation

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    Car seat installation

    We have two cars and two different car seats and installation is freaking me out.

    The bucket seat goes in the Soul and since it is new is as straight forward as it can be to install. I have an appointment next week at one hospital to have it checked and figure out why it is moving from side to side.

    The Jeep Cherokee is 1998 and didn't come it anchors and I don't have the owners manual. I thought I could have the dealer install anchors at no charge since that what I read online but they won't do it . His solution was to just use the seat belts. I have another installation check appointment at a different hospital for this car in two weeks. How critical do you think it is to have the owners manual for the car? I can order it if I really need to. Should I just not attempt to install it and go to the appointment with the seat? The first hospital was firm on "we don't install", but this one lets you buy a car seat from them if you don't already have one so I imagine they are nicer about the whole thing.

    Or would you just drive 45 minutes to the other county to the fire station the birthing class teacher recommended and let them manhandle them in?

    Or am I really over thinking this and I should just go to the appointments and do what I am told? For some reason I am feeling like this is a test and I am going to be judged as a crappy parent and they will be mean to me.
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    Find a car seat tech who can help you! I wouldn't go to a fire station unless they have certified car seat technicians, which I haven't found to always be true. Also, you can sometimes find your car's manual online. You will need it one way or another to install the seat.

    I'm not sure where you're located, but here's a great website for finding car seat technicians: National CPS Certification | A Program of Safe Kids Worldwide

    Also, check out the facebook page:

    They are AMAZING for helping with install issues and finding car seat technicians.
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    I'll check those out!
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    I good car seat tech won't touch your carseat. They will just teach YOU how to do it. Its important you learn to do it all on your own because you will need to take the careseats out of the car sometime.
    The jeep will be just fine with a seat belt install. Once baby gets bigger anyway you will need to install only with a seatbelt. (thalking like closer to 40-60lbs though so years away)
    Join the carseat for little page. they will help you.
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    Def check out those links above! Also check out youtube to find some install videos as well.

    Also you can't get lower anchors installed in a car, only top tethers :\

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