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Thread: Anyone familiar with Sleep Myoclonus?

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    Anyone familiar with Sleep Myoclonus?

    Hey everyone,
    We took DS in the to ER this past Sunday because we thought he was having a seizure. This was the second time it had happened. Each time it is as he is falling asleep or has just fallen asleep breastfeeding and his whole body starts shaking. It stops a few seconds after he wakes up. He is responsive and acts normal afterwards but I have been pretty shaken up. We consulted his ped and they have referred us to a neurologist because the doctor at the ER consulted with a neurologist who suggested it might be Sleep Myoclonus. It just happened again and I'm freaking out and wondering if anyone has dealt with this before? It just started and he'll be 5 months on Friday.

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    I don't have anything helpful but that sounds scary! I hope it isn't anything serious
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    Never heard of it. hugs to you guys.

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