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Thread: Child Birth classes

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    Child Birth classes

    I was wondering how many of you went and how many found it useful. I am 31 weeks pregnant and i want to go into this thing as dumb as possible. Due to scheduling conflicts with my DH he can't really attend any classes due to work. We have taken a basic class of how things happen, signs to look for. We will take a tour of the hospital. I plan on having drugs. I just wondering if some people never took the class and did just fine.
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    I've had 3 kids and no classes I basically go in to the hospital like this

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    Never had any type of class and had 4 kids. It is what your body is made to do.
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    I took one at the hospital I was delivering at, I thought it was great because they talked about things that were specific to the hospital, routine procedures, options during labor etc. saved me from having to write a birth plan!
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    We went to 4? hr class and it was AWFUL. We only went becuase the Dr's and nurses kept hassling me. It was a big waste of time in my opinion other than seeing the hospital, we didnt need the class to see it though.

    I asked the questions I was curious about when I went to the appts and googled anything else I was curious about. My Dr(the other one who didn't bug me about the classes) said I made everything super easy because I didn't have expectations for her birth.
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    Dh was away on his two week AT when I went but I didn't really learn anything I didn't already learn by watching Birth Day on Discovery Health, lol.

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    I went. Did NOT really find them useful lol. Can't move around on an exercise ball or do different labor positions once you get an epi anyways, so...yeah. I won't be going again unless I decide to try an epi-free birth.

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    No, I didn't find it helpful. I'm into 'all the drugs they'll allow' thing and so most of the meditation, stretching, etc meant nothing to me.

    The breastfeeding class I went to, however, was wonnnnderful.
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    I've never taken any classes of any kind. I don't even do hospital tours. When I had Lyric, it was the first time I'd ever even looked up the address to that hospital.
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    Well, since you're wanting anesthesia, it may be pointless in terms of natural techniques or methods to help you cope with the process. I thought the class the hospital offered with my first was pointless. I went to one class and didn't learn anything I didn't already know. It was just a basic class, but then I didn't have any specific idea of what I wanted and had a "let's see what happens" approach.

    I had a classic induction experience. Lots of unnecessary interventions, but it was a very easy and straightforward induction process. Even so, I became curious about other options and out-of-hospital birth and began researching Hypnobabies with my second as a "just in case" measure. I wasn't convinced I'd get another really fast and easy birth, so I wanted to arm and prepare myself in the event that it was very different. But it wasn't, and I didn't feel the need to use the techniques I learned. I planned and had a natural birth, and it was freakishly easy and fast, again.

    I planned homebirths with #3 and 4, and am doing the same this time. This time, I'm prepared for her to just fall out, seeing as that's what happened last time.
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