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Thread: Spit up

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    Spit up

    At what age does spitting up become worrysome?

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    Spitting up is normal. But spitting up, projectile vomiting that is associated with GER, isn't. If baby isn't bothered by it, it isn't excessive, and he is gaining weight, then it's probably a non-issue. The spitting up is due to the immature esophageal sphincter that opens prematurely. If the volume is large and frequent, with or without pain, it can still be GER, which is called silent reflux.

    Is he in pain or not gaining weight? My girls had GER, but my eldest's had it much worse and was on an assortment of meds starting at 4 weeks until about 6 months. She outgrew GER by 8-9 months. She projectile vomited and would spit up ounces at a time, and after almost every feeding, which is why she nursed about every 60-75 minutes to compensate for what she'd spit up. My second daughter was on meds from 3 weeks to 5.5 months. Her case wasn't as severe. My son spit up as usual, but he didn't have GER.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost&faraway View Post
    At what age does spitting up become worrysome?
    Teddy spit up, projectile-style, for the entire first year of his life. It was an INTENSE amount and I worried and worried and took him to the doc and had all sorts of tests and ultrasounds done and at the end of the day, it was just spit up. He was a happy spitter, didn't cry about it, didn't choke...I was miserable, though, because I had to change my shirt about 8 times a day

    He stopped doing it as much when he started to sit on his own (I mean it cut down DRASTICALLY), but it didn't stop completely until close to a year.

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