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Thread: Ergo Baby carrier deal Babies R us! :D

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    Ergo Baby carrier deal Babies R us! :D

    So Babies R Us has an awesome deal right now where if you buy any Ergo baby carrier product you get a $25 gift card.

    Well I got this last Friday and got the $25 gift card.

    Then I went today and got this insert(used my $25 gift card. You have to wait 6hours before you can use the gift card. So only paid the taxes on the insert which was like $1.75) , and got ANOTHER $25 gift card! So basically you're getting $50 back when you get both the insert and the carrier, and you can get the insert for basically free just pay sales taxes. If you choose to use the gift card you get for that!

    I think the offer is only good in store, but if you live near a Babies R Us and want a Ergo carrier. Go and buy the insert or the carrier. Then 6hours later/a couple days later go buy the other one with the gift card and save some money that way. Maybe get lucky and get and get both gift cards. So then you have another $25 to use to get something else you need/want for the little one!
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    thats a great deal!
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