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Thread: Edmund's Birth Adventure and some pictures! [img heavy]

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    Edmund's Birth Adventure and some pictures! [img heavy]

    My final appointment for my pregnancy was a week ago today, Wednesday the 5th. I went in with contractions and tried to not get my hopes up that I would be staying. Doctor checked me, and I was at a 3 and he stripped my membranes and said everything was looking good. He talked about our induction plans for the 8th (Saturday) if he hadn't arrived by then and said it would just depend on if they were full up or not. I left a bit upset and full of anxiety thinking the worst, that the hospital would be full on Saturday and that my doctor would leave on his vacation and my birth would go terrible. We went from my appointment to my moms to get LM and we hung out for a bit while I processed and calmed down. My contractions got stronger, and I walked the stairs there until about 8pm and then we came home. LM went to bed, and DH and I were hanging out when he was called into work the graveyard shift at the hospital. He was leery to go because of how I was feeling, but I told him to go ahead anyway so he left.

    I went to bed around 10:30 and tossed and turned with 3-4 minute contractions. Around 3:30am I went to the bathroom and lost my mucus plug. I was totally , because it was the huge. I have never seen a complete plug, but holy crap it was the size of a small saucer plate I couldn't believe it. After that I tried to go back to bed and ended up continuing to toss and turn. My contractions became closer about 2 minutes apart.

    Finally about 6:15 I couldn't take it anymore so I text DH and ask him how his shift was going. He was scheduled to be off at 7. He told me to call my mom, and I debated saying how unsure I was if this was "really it" but finally I called and he talked to his supervising nurse about leaving early to come get me. He left the hospital early, and my mom left when I called her. She got to the house close to 7 and DH arrived at 7. I couldn't walk from the bed to the bathroom door so at that point I figured going in was the best thing to do.

    My mom stayed at our house with LM and we went back to the hospital. Poor DH was so tired. They admitted me right away, and when they checked me I was already at a 4. They monitored me for an hour and things were going well so they gave me an EPI and some PIT and we got the ball rolling on me finishing dilating. We checked in about 7:30am.

    Around 1pm my doctor came in to break my water which was hilarious. I ended up having WAY WAY WAY too much fluid. I flooded over the bag and onto the floor while my doctor exclaimed "WOW" over and over again and "whoa whoa whoa" as he tried to not spill it all. He said that was absolutely the reason why Edmund wasn't able to position completely and why we all thought he was so much bigger than he was. Just so much fluid.

    After that things progressed really well. At 5pm my contractions were back to back and hard enough my EPI wasn't masking them in the slightest. The nurse checked me, and I was a 10. His head was already peeking out. She called my doctor and told him to run over (he was across the street at his clinic) and to do it fast. He got there right as the tip of Edmund's head could be seen.

    Then the coolest part EVER. (IMO). My doctor (who knows DH is a medic) looked at DH and says "so? Wanna do this?" DH was confused and was like "ya, let's have a baby woot woot" and I laughed. My doctor clarified - "No do YOU want to do this". DH's face just LIT up, and he ask me if I was okay with it. I told him absolutely. So him and my doctor switched places and my doctor gave him the steps of what to do as Edmund came out and a couple minutes later, and 4 big pushes from me and DH delivered baby Edmund!!! while my doctor held my leg. It was so cool. So cool of my doctor. DH was thrilled. Just too neat.

    He came out nice and easy. 4 pushes. Came straight to my chest all goopy which was awesome. DH then was able to cut the cord, and we were able to hang out with him for a good half hour before got all cleaned up.

    His official measurements were 7lbs 12oz 19 1/2 inches long. 14 inch head circumference they said. Doesn't open his eyes much yet but I am pretty sure they are brown.
    Eta: his whole name btw is Edmund Cornelius M.
    I am so happy with how my birth went and I just have so much love for my doctor and the hospital I birthed at. Grateful for the VBAC for sure. LM stayed with my mom the whole time and was stoked for it. She had zero issues and so much fun playing with the kids. She was so excited when mom was first here too that it was JUST OMA and not OMA and the kids. That was priceless and I am glad it went well for her too. She is transitioning great.

    The next day (Friday) I went in around 1pm for my tubal. I thought I was feeling pretty prepared for it and they had kept my EPI line in thinking they would use that for my sedation. Being wheeled into the OR I had a lot of anxiety and emotions come up from LMs birth. It was a lot more intense than I had expected. He started the needle through my naval and I realized I wasn't numb like I should be. I yelped a little and my doctor stopped right away and took my hand and ask if I was okay. He was fantastic at recognizing that my anxiety was just too much and ask if I would prefer to go under general instead. I was crying a little bit and said yes and they put me out. I am so beyond grateful they put me out because I just wasn't okay. It was way way to much for me. After they put me out apparently everything went fantastic. I woke up around 2:30 and was back in my room with Edmund and DH by 3:15. They did it through my belly button so no scar and the last of my glue just came of this morning.

    I am glad that it is over and went well and that my doctor was so great with it. They kept us another night, and we were released around 3 on Saturday. Quickest release I have ever had so I had to routine a set up for my pain meds but now I am feeling great. Not really on anything and I am already down almost 21lbs since Thursday.

    And now what you have all been waiting for MR. Edmund

    First time LM was able to see him. She thinks he is just amazing. It's too cute.

    My photobomber

    Hehe "Warewolf Back"

    DH on the left and Edmund on the right! They look so similar it's awesome!

    From yesterday. One of my favorite photos so far!!
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    Sooooo cuttte! Love his dark hair!

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    What a great experience! No lie I'm over here with tears in my eyes, so cool that the doctor let your hubby deliver him! That's just awesome! He's so cute!

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    He is beautiful! You have a beautiful family!

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    He is so beautiful! Congrats, mommy!

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    Awe! It is so great to read about happy birth experiences. I am glad that it was a successful VBAC! Yahooo! He is a very handsome little guy! Congratulations!
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    Oh he's just precious!
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    He's beautiful! And that is so awesome that your DH got to deliver him!
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    He's so handsome!
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    What a beautiful story! I'm so glad you had your VBAC. Mine was amazing and it's always awesome to hear other great VBAC stories!
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