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Thread: Birth story & updates

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    Birth story & updates

    Hi all!! I've been scarce because I hate trying to post from my Kindle and that's all I had in the hospital, but I wanted to come share Malachi's grand entrance and some photos with you now that we're getting settled in at home. Thank you all so much for the well-wishes and congratulations while we were in the hospital- I read them all and you helped brighten my very boring days!

    So! We went in on Monday and I got hooked up to my IV and started fluids. During my anesthesia interview I explained the problems I've had in the past with my blood pressure crashing during the spinal, so my anesthesiologist decided to try just an epidural in hopes of minimizing that. Feeling my feet sounded cool, so I agreed to that. We went back to the OR a little early in case it took longer than a spinal would have to set up and got things going. The epidural made me shake violently, which was fun. My blood pressure did drop significantly, but not so rapidly as usual, so they were able to catch it (the first time) with some meds before it got too bad. That eventually made the shaking stop, so once that was stable they brought in DH. We were all joking around being stupid waiting for me to get totally numb- I think we sang If You're Happy and You Know It a few times but eventually my doctor threatened to start singing Barney songs so we decided it was time to have a baby. Started testing areas to see how it was taking and we discovered that I was not getting numb from about the pubic bone down, so we upped the dose and waited a bit more. It took a little, but not completely. My blood pressure started going weird, fluctuating rapidly and making me vomit repeatedly, which was extra-fun since I hadn't eaten in 14ish hours by that point. Eventually it was time to cut, and I could still feel it at the lowest point, which freaked me out pretty bad, but we couldn't wait any longer because of my blood pressure issues, so I chose to push through it instead of being put under. It was a little bit terrifying but once they got past the lowest points of the incision it was ok. Halfway through delivery the anesthesiologist got a call from some other room where a lady decided at 8cm that she actually wanted the epidural she'd been declining all the way up to that point... obviously he couldn't walk away from what he was doing, so she had to deliver without it. I felt a little bad, but not a lot due to being fairly pre-occupied. Once they got the baby out the anesthesiologist was able to give me some additional drugs for pain so that it wasn't as bad while they were finishing up. They debated giving me a blood transfusion for a minute but decided I'd be ok, so that made me happy. Plus... they gave me my bebe!

    It was by far my most stressful c-section, which made it extra-euphoric when he was out. I actually cried, which I haven't done after delivery in the past. It was mostly from relief and adrenaline rush. Malachi was 8 pounds, 7 oz, 20.25 inches and he screamed like a bat out of hell for like five minutes and then stopped for the rest of the day.

    The only time they took the baby from me was to do his initial evaluation and clean him up, it was really nice to be able to keep him in recovery. Also they let me put my contacts in as soon as we got out of the OR, which was awesome. Here I am looking very anemic. Which I am/was, so that makes sense:

    Once everything settled down and my mom's flight got in and Damien got home from school, DH went to pick up the kids to come meet their brother:

    After that I spent a lot of time alone with bebe in the hospital. Lyric got violently ill after she got home from visiting, followed by my mom, followed by Damien, so DH had to spend most of his time taking care of things at home when he didn't have to be at work. It was kind of lonely, but not too bad considering I had this little guy to stare at:

    The first night was rough... they put me on oral pain meds 12 hours after the operation but failed to take into account the fact that I can't take NSAIDs by mouth, so the nurse came in at about 2am and said... "well I don't have orders for anti-inflammatories for you, I'm so sorry!" Because they had only ordered 12 hours of IV ones. Which super sucked because while narcotics are all fine and dandy, the anti-inflammatory is really the best after surgery. So anyhow, had to wait until we could get ahold of my doctor to re-order the IV one which didn't happen until around noon Tuesday. But when it did happen, life got a million times better. That and when they finally managed to get me off the liquid diet... dinner on Tuesday. It was supposed to be breakfast on Tuesday but they kept messing up. I made DH smuggle me in a cheeseburger when he dropped by Tuesday afternoon and it was the best thing I've ever eaten. By Wednesday afternoon everyone at my house had finally stopped vomiting so DH got to come visit for a bit longer and take a nap with his baby (his favorite thing about new babies is snuggling ):

    And I FINALLY got to shower so I could feel a little bit more human. This was the busiest L&D floor I've ever been to and I think my nurses were in much less frequently than they should have been. Thursday I got TDAP in one arm and flu vaccine in the other, and my arms are both crazy sore still! That was maybe not the best plan as far as timing goes. But then I got to come home and everything was hearts and rainbows!

    Malachi is the sweetest baby- he loves to cuddle anyone and everyone. The kids are doing great with him- Lyric is kind of over it and back to normal activity already, but Damien wants to hold him all the time. Sleeping is going well for everyone but me- I'm not nursing and my boobs are ANGRY about it. Side sleeping is totally not working out right now and back sleeping is iffy. So I'm just waiting that pain out patiently. Ok, semi-patiently. I'm surviving. Despite it being my most stressful-in-the-moment C-section, recovery thus far has been the best of the three. I feel pretty great. And I'm totally and completely head over heels in love with this baby, so that helps.

    So that's what's up over here! I'm sorry if I'm fairly scarce- my mom is only here until Tuesday very very early, and DH starts another language course on Monday, so I'm on my own next week. Excited to get into a routine though! I hope everyone is doing well.
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    He is SO cute! Oh my god I just want to squish him.

    Also, that elephant outfit is adorable.
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    I'm sorry to hear it was stressful! The thought of being able to feel it is terrifying. I remember when my epidural wore off while they were putting me back together, the fear of how much worse the pain would get was worse than the pain itself.

    Anyway, I'm so glad you're recovery is going well and that the sickies are feeling better. The pictures are amazing
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    So cute! Love him!
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    You're one tough cookie! He's such a handsome little guy

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    He is SO cute.
    I hope the pain subsides and you'll get to nurse soon!
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    You make beautiful babies!!!
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    I love babies laying all cuddled up on their parents; it's the cutest thing

    Sounds like a very stressful delivery, but I'm glad you're healing well. Enjoy the time with your new little one!
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    Let's be honest; Okinawa is not Japan.

    Wow, you are superwoman. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing well! He is one cute baby.
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    you are SO amazing congrats to you and your beautiful family. happy entering the world, malachi!
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