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Thread: Slings/ wraps

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    Exclamation Slings/ wraps

    I have an infantino for baby wearing, which I LOVE but it's a little bit of a task to get him in & out so I use it when I'm out walking around. I'd like a sling or something easier for wearing him around the house when he's fussy, I like this style Gaorui Cute Stylish Sling Wrap Carrier Swaddling Sleeping Pouch Nursing Papoose Bag for New Infant Newborn Baby _ Pink Plaid: Baby

    Feedback? Opinions?

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    For me I used a ring sling with both my boys till they were 4-5 months old then I switched over to an Ergo. I find it easy to get them in and out of an Ergo so I've never had a problem. We plan on buying another Ergo at some point since my DH still wears our 2 year old when we go out shopping. They're coming out with a new one where you can face the child outward which is what we're waiting for. I don't want to use it with our almost 6 month old but it would be great with our 2 year old.
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    These are nice:

    Or a woven wrap, tied rebozo style is great for quick ups. (a short one for that usage). Rebozo carry with a newborn - YouTube
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    We used a pouch for Kaia and it was ok. I prefered my ring sling turned into a pouch as it allowed more even weight distribution and pressure points to be adjusted.

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