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Thread: Molars!

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    So my dd just cut a molar, and it's been horrendous! No sign of the other one, which means I have more teething from hell to look forward to.

    Who else has survived molars? We've been doing the normal teething things, she even has a special "molar" teether. It's better now that she's cut it, but there are more coming, I'm sure.
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    My oldest has his molars coming out and has been doing pretty good with them. My youngest (5 months) is teething and has been HORRIBLE!!! I'm scared for when his molars come in if this is what it's like with his first teeth coming in.
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    All the molars on my 3 year old and all but the 2 year molars on my 2 year old. Not fun, not fun at all. I am not looking forward to the 2 year ones. I should check her mouth, she has been a big baby lately.

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    My child is cutting one now. Today is the first day she refuses to take a nap since she was born.

    I kind of want to crawl in a hole and never come out.

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    Ugh, molars are horrible! My DD always gets a super high fever when she cuts them. She will literally have a 103 fever for a couple days and the minute the molars break through, it goes away and she's happy as can be. The first year molars were bad, but the two years molars were HELL.
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    Ds seems to take teething ok he gets a tad more cranky and more sleepy but dd was a friggin nightmare when she teethed!! She would just cry and cry and be soooooo grumpy!!
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    We just got the first ones up top. DS has been a bear. We didn't do anything special, just kind of rode it out. Good luck!
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    Molars were much harder for Bowen than his other teeth. His amber necklace helps so much though. He gets cranky and doesn't want to eat but nothing as bad as I've seen with other kids. His other teeth I didn't even know he was cutting them until they were out.

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