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Thread: Breastfeeding and weightloss

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    Breastfeeding and weightloss

    All of my pregnancy I heard "breastfeeding causes the weight to melt off." I am thinking this isn't a true statement at this point. I am finding articles that say weight loss peaks at 3-6 months PP. DS is 12 weeks as of yesterday, so if there is any truth in the 3-6 month statement I should be seeing it in the next 3 months. I still am 12lbs heavier than I was pre pregnancy, and have lost 20 since giving birth. I have begun working out again to try to tone up the belly, and have eaten pretty decently since finding out DS couldn't tolerate dairy or soy 8 weeks ago. (Everything delicious has milk or soy, especially processed foods, chips, and chocolate.) I have also read that many people hang on to 10lbs until they're done breast feeding. I will probably be one of those people... I do not breast feed for weight loss, nor do I plan on stopping if I can't lose the weight. I plan on letting DS wean when he is ready, but plan on doing it for at least the first 12 month of his life.

    So, everyone who has breastfed, is the 3-6 month remark true? I've been the same weight for 3 weeks now so I have definitely hit a plateau.

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    It wasn't for me.

    For me, breastfeeding seemed to have "melted off" the goal weight that I should have gained, which was 30-35lbs. I lost about 35lbs by 3 months PP.

    I gained 47lbs total with Landon. I only lost a couple of pounds between 3 months and a year. Landon's now two and we've started weaning recently, and are almost completely done, and I'm still 6-7lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.

    So no, for me, breastfeeding didn't take off all the weight, only the recommended weight, and the 3-6 month rule didn't apply to me either Keep in mind though that your milk adds at least a couple of extra pounds, especially when they're full.

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    I lose no weight beyond what I lose in delivery (which tends to be about 2/3 of my total gain) until I stop nursing.
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    With Conner I didn't lose anything while bfing. With Matt, bfing made the weight drop, beyond pregnancy weight (went from 198 to 135 in 6 months). So I think it depends.
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    I lost all of my weight within, I think, 6ish weeks. I went down from 166 at 41 1/2 weeks pregnant to 127 in that time-- I was 145 prepregnancy. Then I just kind of sat at 125-130 for a couple of years.

    ETA: I was 3 lbs under prepregnancy weight by 8 days PP. Everybody's different-- I don't know much breastfeeding really factors into that.
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    I lost all but two of the 20-something pounds that I gained within a week. But that was more based on mental health issues and not wanting to eat than it was breastfeeding, although it did play a part. However, since then, I havent lost a single pound. I think it is mostly my diet, but I dont know because I havent made changes. I know a few people who breastfed exclusively and gained weight, but none that lost tremendous amounts of weight. I think there is a lot of hype about how breastfeeding causes weight loss that just isnt true. I think it really only helps with the weight that was gained during pregnancy.
    And I dont know about everyone else, but breastfeeding makes me hungry, especially during growth spurts. Pretty sure the like five pb&js I was starving for accounts for about 5 times the amount of extra calories needed in a day.

    ETA: Its really frustrating because I am pretty heavy and my doctor was all excited for me saying Ill be able to lose a good portion of the weight that I needed to. Yeah. Right.

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    I lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks bfing but I held onto the last 10 or so. But I didn't really try to lose it either. I just weaned B completely 2 weeks ago so we'll see if the rest comes off now I guess.
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    I still have 12lbs to lose from YDD and she is 14 months. We're still breastfeeding, too. I have lost 43lbs. though.

    With ODD I lost all that weight within 3 weeks. With ODS I lost all of his within 7/8 months. I breastfed for 5/6 weeks with both of them. With YDS I still needed to lose 20lbs at 6 months when we stopped breastfeeding. It then took me about 1 year to get the rest off.
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    I think the main reason that is said is because of the extra calories you burn when you BF, but everyone's body is different.

    For me I gained 80/85 ish pounds with both my girls and lost it all plus some within 2-3 weeks PP. I wasn't toned or in shape by any means just small because I have an odd metabolism and nursing on top of it sucked it all out of me. This go around I am officially only up 25lbs (though I lost 20 under pre pregnancy so really I have gained 40 because I worked damn hard to get those 20 back ) and I am not sure how my body will react or lose this time around. My target weigh range for my body is 130/135. So I will be curious how log it takes me this time with less weight. For some reason I think it may stick longer.
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    The only weight I lost was the initial baby/water/other gross birth expulsion. I bf for 10.5 months.
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