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Thread: Traveling with a Diono Radian and a BOB Motion

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    Traveling with a Diono Radian and a BOB Motion

    We flew from Shreveport to Turkey with 3 stops with the Diono and BOB.

    Diono Radian-
    I absolutely LOVE the carseat and we have received tons of compliments on it but it weighs so much! We ended up using the stroller to push it through the airports and I just carried Aria. Poor DH has back issues and had to carry it around DFW during a short layover because the Airline didn't gatecheck the stroller, they tagged it and put it with the cargo at the gate... not pleased with American Airlines.

    Another issue is that its so big that it doesn't recline as well on the airline seats so on one flight(6hrs) Aria was sitting up a little straighter and her head would flop forward, poor baby was so sleepy and would cry out and then go back to sleep. We managed to wedge it down farther between the seats so the next flight was better, the poor guy in front of her probably didnt sleep a wink. We asked the flight attendant if he could move because we were making him sit up so straight but he was super nice and declined(there were many open seats).

    We are planning to get a smaller, lighter, travel friendly carseat for her and the Radian will just hang out in the Jeep.

    BOB Motion-

    AMAZING! ZERO complaints on this stroller (we have a Bob jogger as well but decided it was too large for traveling

    We bought a check in bag for it so it didnt get damaged and.... it didn't get damaged (bag did)

    I am able to open and close the stroller while holding a 25lbs baby with no issues. It held a Diono Radian carseat perfectly along with a diaper bag and anything else we needed to sit on it. The seat reclines back so far that Aria is laying flat on her back and she sleeps so well in it! It has a 5pt harness that is super easy to buckle and we bought add on snack tray and adult drink, misc holder for it. The snack tray is also very easy to snap on and off.

    It comes with infant carseat adaptors but easily popped them off and put on the snack tray or nothing and it looks great. I would have gladly used this with her infant carseat if we had went that route in the beginning.

    I know a few people had recently talked about both product so I thought I would get a little review on what I thought about them.
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    Thanks! We're looking at getting the BOB WITH the infant seat
    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it like a boss.

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