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Thread: teething early. Help

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    teething early. Help

    My two month old son is teething and already had a tooth come through. I don't want to give him Tylenol that often even as instructed on the box, because he's so young. What other things could I try?
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    Hylands Teething Tablets.

    Lots of cold things to chew on, like a cool wash cloth even.

    And tons of to your and your little guy

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    My son started around 1 1/2 months or so. He's 3 months now and the tooth is just poking up. It sucks having them teeth so early! I recommend Hylands.

    Also one of these drops. I've gotten both but one is mostly for teething and the other is for colic, teething and is supposed to help calm a fussy baby.

    Mama Rose's Naturals - Teething Drops

    Mama Rose's Naturals - Peaceful Baby Teething, Colic, and Calming Herbal Supplement

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