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Thread: Well, I think this is it...

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    Well, I think this is it...

    I've been EPing for four months, and in the past two weeks my supply has just dropped!! I used to pump enough to make all her bottles for the day every morning and freeze around 15 ounces. Now I'm barely pumping enough to make 2 or 3 bottles at a time!! When I pump I'm not even getting enough for one feeding . I wanted to make it to 6 months so bad! Once I noticed it dropping I went back up to 7 or 8 pumps a day, and have been drinking a ton of water every day but it just keeps dropping. I do have enough enough saved for another 2 months, I'm just not ready to be done, and I can't figure out what happened...

    I just needed to get this out, I'm not sure what I'm looking for by posting this.
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    I EPed for 1 month then EBF for 2 weeks before my milk dried up with was tough and I got so depressed but you did an amazing job for making it 4 months so don't be hard on yourself. I wanted so back to make it to 6 months but I only made it 4 weeks. I guess some body just are meant to make it that far but we tried and that's all that matters

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    I'm sorry for the things I said when I was hungry.
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    I think there's some supplement you can try taking? Hopefully one of the bf experts sees this and can give you some advice.

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    Don't be discouraged, you tried you best. That's all that matters. Oatmeal, Mother Milk Tea, fenugreek are all things you can take to help with supply.

    There is a prescription you can get from your doctor as well.

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    My supply dried up when DD was about 2-3 months old. It was really disheartening but she is doing so well now! You tried your best that's the best thing that matters!

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