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Thread: Toys for babies

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    Toys for babies

    So Aria is getting pretty good at sitting up unassited. I realized that she doesn't have any good toys to play with when she's sitting. She has a lot of toys but they are all attached to her jumpy thing or her play mat.

    What are some good toys to play with while sitting? We are limited to the BX and they really didnt have anything so I will be ordering things online probably.

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    That little fisher price kitchen is amazinnnggggg! I'm not selling ours cause we got them a big one
    Follow Rylee's progress

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    Here's a list I typed up a little while back:

    Squeezer tweezers (to help with dexterity and fine motor development-- great for her sensory bins and activities that I set up)
    Finger puppets
    Mod podge and brushes for projects
    Wooden puzzles
    Large magnets for the fridge (numbers, letters, and farm-themed animals and equipment)
    Glow sticks (for making glowing jars/water bottles to play with in a dark room)
    Color-coordinated bears and cups (10 bears and one cup for each color), for sorting skills and color recognition
    Large, heavy, durable plastic jungle animals (by Learning Resources-- they have REALLY nice animal sets on Amazon!)
    Latches and locks boards (to work on coordination, problem solving, and dexterity-- she LOVES the ones at the library)
    Wooden bead sequencing/threading set (same skill focuses at the previous item)
    Jumbo paint brushes (to work on cause-and-effect with painting, grip, and hand-eye coordination)
    Set of 5 different sizes of plastic beakers (great for pouring and mixing during her sensory activities-- we'll be doing a lot of colored water activities this summer)
    Sand tray (texture/sensory experience, plus once she gets a bit older, she can work on writing letters, numbers, and drawing pictures)
    Colored sand (got 1/2 lb of 6 different colors for the tray)
    Plastic funnels (again, for her sensory stuff and also the colored water activities)
    A sorting cone (SUCH a cool toy! I fell in love with it-- great for problem-solving and spatial reasoning)
    Flash cards
    Xylophone (we already have maracas, a bell bracelet, a cage bell, rhythm sticks, a rainmaker, a clapper, etc. she loves instruments, so we get a lot of them)
    Plastic dropper bottles (also for mixing colored water or other "decorating" activities-- aka not actual decorating, just play for her)
    Squeeze bottles (same uses as above, plus also useful for some fun gooey craft activities that I was looking at doing-- these are like the cheapie ketchup bottles that you see at some places)
    Geometric sorting board (this is SO awesome! classic Montessori-style toy that a lot of preschools use with their children)
    A set of shelves that she can access (to encourage self-sufficiency)
    Glue (for crafts-- in one, we're going to dye it different colors and put it into the squeezie bottles, then squirt the rainbow colors on a plain picture frame without the solid backing [just the glass and the frame], then let it dry and be a sun-catcher)
    Water balloons (for fun floating toys in the tub)

    I'm a huge fan of sensory activities and crafts with little kids Also dramatic play when she's a little older! We got a set of pirate coins and I'm getting her a plastic wand (Hermoine's replica lol), a wizard hat, chocolate frogs mold, and a pirate hat when I can.

    Right now, I'd say a bin like this (any plastic shallow bin like an underbed one will do): : Furniture, Baby, Electronics, Toys
    and/or a baby pool would be GREAT for facilitating sensory play. For some reason that link goes to a set of 10, but you can get them individually. We do a LOT of stuff where I set that up as either just a bunch of fun squishy/wet stuff, or I use rocks and leaves and plastic animals to make "environments" to play with. At that young age, I'd go more for the textured/sensory stuff than the pretend environments.

    These have a lot of great ideas that are adaptable for infants and toddlers: (this one is primarily home-crafty stuff, but she also has really cool stuff that she's done with and for her kids)
    Over the Big Moon
    The Inspired Apple
    Krazy About Kiddos
    in third grade &frazzled
    O "FISH" ally a First Grader
    Making Learning Fun
    Mrs. Feinman's First Grade
    abcteach -- Free Printables, Interactives, Custom Documents, Clip Art, and Games
    I Can Teach My Child! - Activities and resources for parents of young children
    Making Learning Fun
    Teacher Resources & Ideas, Free and Printable: Math Worksheets, Kindergarten Worksheets, Activities for Kids, & More |
    Teach Preschool
    Montessori on a Budget blog! Created by a Montessori Mom!
    Happy and Blessed Home |
    Beautiful Sun Montessori
    Letting It Rot
    Montessori Inspired Children's Activities for Parents, Educators & Homeschoolers - Dedicated to Developing the Whole Child
    Learn By Playing - Dose of Happy

    and here are specific toy lists:

    Toys for 0-12 Months | Activities For Children | Products We Love | Play At Home Mom
    | Home Activities For Children | Play At Home Mom

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    I don't know anything about toys, but holy cow, what a gorgeous little babe
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    Yay! I was worried I wouldn't get any responses! I just got off a 14hr night shift so it's bedtime but I can't wait to check out all the links.

    Quote Originally Posted by JRNemo View Post
    I don't know anything about toys, but holy cow, what a gorgeous little babe
    Awwww thanks! DH and I are still amazed at how pretty she is.

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