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Thread: Poor guy

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    Poor guy

    Cameron has been very fussy today. He woke up from his nap and we put him in his PnP to play, but he wasn't having any of it. MIL and I were passing him back and forth trying to calm him down, and while MIL was holding him he farted two or three times and he just screamed. So I went and got him some gripe water, and he was instantly better. I felt so bad because now I'm wondering how long his tummy has been hurting, and it didn't even cross our minds to try any gripe water since we haven't had to use it in months.

    At least we have a happy baby now!
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    Poor dude!! I hate when you don't know what's wrong!! The other night ds kept waking up at night crying and it took me three hours to figure out his teeth were bothering him and I finally got some Tylenol for him. Why can't these babies tell us what's wrong?!?
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    They go through so much at this age, it's difficult to guess what exactly bothers them. I am glad to hear he is happier, though.

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