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Thread: Acid reflux and bf?

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    Acid reflux and bf?

    So my sil was in town this past week and she had mentioned it to me. Ds is still having "wet burps" all the time still. He sleeps horrible still, even through the day. He is very "cranky". Idk if acid reflux could cause him to hate tummy time still but he still cant stand it. But I looked online and the only thing about acid reflux I could find is about ff babies. So is it possible for him to have it being bf? he has an appointment on monday and I think I'm going to ask his ped.
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    I wouldn't be too worried, honestly, about acid reflux. Wet burps and not sleeping well and cranky are pretty normal baby things. Same with hating tummy time. Wyatt only did tummy time if he was on OUR stomachs in bed until he was starting to crawl. I'm almost positive that BF babies get acid reflux as well but, like I said, he sounds like a baby. It's good to ask the ped, though, just in case.
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    It very likely could be acid reflux but they generally don't want to do anything about it unless the baby is miserable and outwardly expressing discomfort (with my experience with DS anyway). I formula feed and DS has horrible and very visible reflux. It comes out his nose every single time he eats and so he gets prevacid every day. It doesn't help the reflux go away, it just helps it not hurt so bad when it shoots out his nose and spews out his mouth. I'd definitely discuss your concerns with your pediatrician and see what they say. I always say that only Mommy (or Daddy) can advocate for their baby.
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