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Thread: biting

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    Ds has been biting me for idk the past month and a half. But in the past week or so has been getting really bad. What be does is he bites down and then pulls off while he is still biting. Or he bites down and turns his head back and forth. It isn't that pleasent of a feeling. Luckily he doesn't have any teeth yet but I think I have thrush again so my breast are extremely sensitive. I do oregal and tapping his cheek with my finger and telling him no in a sturn voice.

    Tips tricks anything to help with to get him to stop hurting his mommy.
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    I would flick Cameron's cheek when he would and say "no biting!" It took 2 days and he stopped. He is getting a tooth in now, so I'm really glad we nipped that in the bud.
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    Give him more productive things to bite on, if he has any teeth coming in he's probably just hurting and biting is his only way to let out that pain and frustration! We would freeze those little teething rings and DD would naw away on them when she was a baby. Hopefully you find a good solution soon though!!!

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    I was told when I went to WIC that if they are biting then they aren't eating and are just playing so to take them off the breast and tell them no. Then wait to see if they are done or if they are still hungry. I don't know how true it is since I never got the chance to breastfeed long but the lady was letting me know since I plan to breastfeed this one longer then I did YDD.

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    You remove them from the breast and tell them "no". They quickly will learn that that behavior means no food. We then try again in a few moments.
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    I used to do a nursing time out. If he bit, we unlatched, I told him no sternly and I put him down on the ground and ignored him for a couple minutes and we'd try again. Didn take long for him to learn.

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