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Thread: Low supply due to period solution

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    Low supply due to period solution

    I FINALLY found a solution to my low supply issue during my period! Calcium and magnesium supplements!

    I've tried Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, and Brewers Yeast. They all worked, but it meant taking 40+ pills a day and it was a slow process. I got sick off all the pills and was frustrated because all my LC was telling me was to keep pumping, nursing, and taking the supplements. I did some research and read about taking calcium and magnesium supplements (I take 1 of each 3x a day along with 6 Fenugreek 3x a day). It took two doses to get my supply back up. TWO! When you start your period, your blood calcium levels drop, and that can negatively impact your supply, so this REALLY helps it.

    So yeah. I just figured I'd share that in case anybody else has that issue when their period comes around.
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    And thank you for this tid bit of info. I actually just wrote it down so I can look it up and hopefully offer better advice.
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    Thanks for this info
    I will be storing it away for future reference!!

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