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Thread: Noisy Sleeper

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    Noisy Sleeper

    My baby is such a noisy sleeper He moans, grunts, cries and thrashes in his sleep. He's been sleeping 5 - 7 hours at night but I wake up every hour or so because of his noise! Is this normal? a phase they go through? If so when will he grow out of it? If it isn't normal ... what should I do?! He is swaddled at night so at least he doesn't fling his arms around and wake himself up!

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    I don't have kids, but I used to baby sit a kid that did that and it freaked me out! The parents didnt warn me and I would put him down swaddled and within 15 minutes he would be unswaddled and flipped around in his crib. The first time I watched him I held him in the rocking chair for a few hours before the parents came home. Then they told me he's just a noodly active baby and that's his thing.
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    My baby boy squeaks and makes noises in his sleep, and also constantly moves his feet & hands!
    I have a feeling when we bring him home it will be hard keeping him swaddled.

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