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Thread: Baby Wraps?

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    Baby Wraps?

    I have a coupon code for a free wrap/sling just pay shipping. I want to use it, but was wondering if anyone has anything good or bad to say about them? This particular brand is Seven Slings, if that makes a difference.

    I've always leaned more toward baby wearing anyway, I guess I just want to know if there's anything I should be concerned about.
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    7 slings are good and work well when the baby is a tid bigger. Sizing can be really tricky though. If it's the wrong size it's more of a pain than anything. Maya Wraps are fantastic for when they are very little because you can snug them right up against your chest, mobys also are amazing for that and you can take baby in and out without un wrapping. When they get bigger Ergos are fantastic and wovens are really great too. There are so many kinds out there and honestly you will own more than one because they all are different and come in handy at different ages and stages.

    I have a moby, a mei tai, a maya sling, and an Ergo. Personally the ergo has been my favorite but I have used them all.

    Be sure to stay away from crotch danglers like the Bjorn because they can cause hip problems in babies. Sitting carries like Boba, Mei Tais, and Ergos are much better though their legs should not be spread until 6 months due to under developed hips. Ergo makes an infant insert for such time but the moby and maya are really amazing for the little time.
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    The seven sling didn't work for me at all, it made my back hurt! I don't think anyone of the one shoulder ones are good for me and my back though. It is definitely a tricky thing picking out a carrier because you don't know what you or your baby will like until you start using them. I love my ergo, I got it with dd and its still going strong with ds and I use it daily!
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    I have a moby type sling made by a WAHM & a Mei Tai
    Those were the ones in doing my research that I found to have the best reviews
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    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it like a boss.

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    They aren't worth the cost of shipping. Honestly I tell first time moms to stay clear of slings with newborns, they are risky and back when I had Dylan there was a recall and new warnings to not use them till 3-4+ months old.
    Moby, or ergo are your best bets for a good quality baby carrier.
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    I loved our sling. The ring slings are perfectly fine to use from the get go. The pouch slings are the ones that were recalled, but honestly if you are using them correctly (just like most products) then they are safe. It was people using them the wrong way that made them unsafe. With the ring sling you control how tight or loose the top, bottom, and middle are which makes it perfect for a NB. You will need to do what is called froggy the legs when they are NB, and tuck their legs under their belly and wear them snug against you with the top and bottom tight and the middle loose. Once they are sitting up then you make a little pouch out of the sling and sit them in there sort of sideways, but they are facing out. Once they are older you can wear them on the front, hip, or back with their legs hanging out.
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    I love my Ktan, we have been using it for a while and I love the support it gives my back and how easy it is to use.
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    I didn't like the Seven Sling I got - I threw it away. The sizing and fit was horrible, imo. I LOVE my Maya Wrap ring sling and my Boba though. I would definitely re-buy both of those, if needed. The Moby was difficult for me to do all by myself and it pissed my daughter off to be that close to my chest but not eating

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