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Thread: Aria's birth story

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    Aria's birth story

    So the night of the 10th I was telling DH how she hasn't dropped and he kept telling me I needed to do some stretches and stuff to help her. I said no that she will come when shes ready and I don't want to rush her.

    About 2am I woke up because I thought I needed to pee(the bathroom is like 3 steps from my side of the bed) so I get up and I'm like uh oh..... and I make it to the bathroom. I sat in there a good 30min trying to convince myself that it was my water that broke and not me just peeing myself. So I finally decide ok this is it, and wake up DH! He got up and got all our stuff together while I took a shower and did my hair(gotta look pretty for pics and I wasn't having any contractions yet).

    We got to the hospital at 4am and they checked us in. After about 5 people made me describe my water breaking(seems like they didn't believe it) a nurse was finally going to check me. Basically she just looked and was like oh its definitely broken! I measured a 3 almost a 4 and super thin.

    After she did that contractions finally started getting painful and they said I could get my epi when ever. I wanted a wait a little longer because it seemed really fast and too early. Probably around 8 I was in a lot of pain and asked for the epi. I got that and was checked again and she's like WOW you are a 10!!... oh wait a 6 and fully thinned out.

    My usual Dr was seeing her last patient at 11 (I was her 1120) and was hoping to delivery Aria(I wanted to wait for her of possible). So it was about 1130 and I could feel pressure and I knew she was super close. The Dr came in and I told her I thought my epi was wearing off cause I could feel my belly more but no pain. She was about to check me but you could see her head already!! She's like of course you feel pressure I can see her!!

    So after 14 min of pushing Aria was born with her hand by her face leaving a path of destruction with it. Sweet girl I got a 2nd degree tear but didn't tear the muscle, took her an hour to put me back together but she wanted to get it all right.

    So breakdown. water broke at 2am she was born at 12:02pm 7lbs 3oz 20.5" Oh and DH won the bet he picked her exact weight!

    Pictures are in the Photo Album
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    Sounds like a great labor.

    ♥ 2,000oz of boobie milk donated ♥

    better2gether is my Irish Twin Mommy Wifey!
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    I'm so glad that everything went so well for you. She is beautiful!

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