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Thread: What can I take?

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    What can I take?

    On Friday I got hit by a bus. I had a fever, cough, sore throat, the works. Now that my fever has broken, I just have this damn cough. I've read conflicting things about what I can take since I nurse. I've read that I can only take single symptom products, and I've read that I can take multi-symptom ones as long as I'm not taking them every 4 hours.

    I just want to get rid of this damn cough! It's giving me a headache and sore throat.
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    I took a cough suppressant and used cough drops infrequently. Alex had no problems with it and neither did my supply. I also stuck my head over a steam bath so i could cough out the crap in my lungs and hydrate my airways.
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    Most Tylenol products are ok.
    LactMed Search
    Enter the name of a med you want to take and it will give you the details about it so you can make an informed choice
    Follow Rylee's progress

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