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Thread: DS has fever not feeling well....

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    Sad DS has fever not feeling well....

    DS woke up at 6 and was perfectly fine. Well he went back to sleep nursed a couple of times (not much) and woke back up at 10:30... late for him. I nursed him and noticed he was really hot to the touch so I took his temp. It was 103.3 so I gave him some Pedia Care and took his shirt off. In the past hour it has went back to normal but you can tell he doesn't feel good at all. His little checks are red, he is really whinny, and he does his pouty face (with his bottom lip stuck out really far) and whimpering. I got him back to sleep but when I put him down is crib he was staring at me with his pouty face while whimpering I stood there with him till he feel asleep. It was sooooo sad I almost cried. Right now he is asleep in his crib with just a diaper on with a really thin little blanky over him. My poor baby.

    Any whooooo..... If his temp goes back up should I call his ped or what else could I do.
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    At that temp, yes. Call your ped. High temps at that age can be dangerous.

    I hope he feels better soon.

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    Definitely call if it goes back up. If it gets to 104, go straight to the ER.

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    I wouldn't call. Temps are normal for kids, and since it comes down with meds nothing else the dr can really do till he has more symptoms.
    When to worry?
    Fever in a child two months of age or younger
    A child who still appears lethargic after the fever has gone away
    Fever lasting longer than five days
    Fever in a child with a lowered immune system or a chronic disease
    Fever after spending prolonged time in the heat
    A febrile child who is vomiting non-stop or not drinking fluids
    Fever with a stiff neck and headache
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