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Thread: Baby food

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    Baby food

    Alex is 5 months old now and i started trying to feed him a few days ago since he seemed like he was ready. He has been increasingly hungry and seeming like he wasnt totally satisfied after the boob and he has started eating both boobs at a feeding which is new. Plus his tongue thrust is gone and he watches us eat intently and tries to take our glasses and drink out of them.

    I have tried him on mashed avocados and sweet potatoes, both mixed with breast milk. He didnt like either of them. He wouldnt eat them and just made disgusted faces. They are vastly different but he reacted to them the same way. Should i just postpone this another month like i was originally planning? Should i try a different fruit/vegetable? Any suggestions?
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    my kid loves some things and hates other things. she loves the mushed mac and cheese and mushed turkey and carrots. she hates peas and squash and a couple other things. and she loves all fruit. i would try something else.

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    Yeah I would give something else a try! Can't hurt!
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    He might not like the mush. Give him fry shaped pieces of food to chew on.
    Also takes 8+ times for a baby to get use to a new taste.
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