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    DS has been a little congested for the past few days but today/ tonight is real bad. Im like affraid he isnt going to be able to breath bad. Im going to use the vaporizer tonight. We Co-sleep and should I just put it next to the bed with us? IDK Im clueless Ive never used one before. Yeah thats right 23 and never used one before Help pwease. I feel so bad for my little guy.
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    Does it have a direction pointer for the most to go? Is so I would point it in his direction and put it on a night stand next to the bed.

    We have the crane drop one and I set it on her dresser in her room sice she sleeps in her crib.

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    You can order a Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator with filter refills from Amazon to help clear his congestion. You can select it to be shipped to arrive by Saturday afternoon for an additional $8.99 shipping fee. My baby's Ped was so amazed by it, she wrote down the name and said she will recommended it to all other parents over the regular hospital bulb. Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator with addtional 20 Hygiene Filters: Baby

    At first, I was disgusted by the idea of sucking snot out of my little girl's nose but after seeing her so miserable and barely breathing, I got over it very fast. I can't praise this little thingie enough. It's freaking amazing when you have a ridiculously congested little baby. Just ask other moms here for their opinion.

    Also, elevate your baby's mattress with a thick towel to help with the congestion not to travel into the ears and cause liquid excess which leads to ear infections. A cool mist humidifier is very helpful. Be careful not to place it on furniture, the humidity will slowly degrade the wood and will also start smelling funky. Look for a flat plastic lid to place it on or a TV Tray if you have one of those and you don't care much about it.

    I hope your little one soon feels better!
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    I run a humidifier, put Baby Rub on the chest and feet, let him sleep in his swing so he has elevation, go into the bathroom and turn the shower on full blast, slightly thin his milk to help reduce mucus build up, and use a homemade Nose Freida to help clear his nose out.

    They're just helpless when they're so young, miserable and there's not much you can do. I hope he feels better soon, hon.

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