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Thread: The last step

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    The last step

    I really did it this time. Took the bottle away, her last step into full blown toddlerhood. I had to, she's sleeps through the night( and much longer) if she happens to pass out without it and doesn't if shes up constantly looking for it. She's walking and talking and has almost all her teeth - and I don't want her to be confused with her baby sisters bottles when shes born. In short it was really time.

    But it sucks. She needs a nap but shes screaming bloody effin murder and the sippy has long since been launched out ( heard it thunk against the door). Not to mention, she's gonna be PISSED when she does wake up.
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    It will be ok. I know it's hard but you can do this. It will just be a few hard days.
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    I'm sorry! But this will pass by. And after you'll feel much better that it's over and done with! Hang in there

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