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Thread: S/O Late period

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    S/O Late period

    Rissa's thread got me curious. How do your post-partum periods compare to your pre-baby periods?

    My first one was okay, but it lasted a lot longer than it used to and instead of having super bad cramps (I used to have to take a pretty strong pain killer and stay in bed) the first day only, I had pop a lortab every 6 hours the entire damn time cramps.

    I'm going to be really pissed if I go back to being irregular. I FINALLY got regular a few months before I got pregnant. I liked knowing when my period was going to start!
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    I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    I'm probably no help but that you're periods don't go irregular on ya

    I have to induce my periods every 30 days, and they're pretty damn painful (but I also have PCOS) and I'm not sure if they'd be if they'd come naturally..... but they're light and only last about 3 days which is nice.

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    After Kaia... I only had one, it was really light, and then I got knocked up.

    After Kalista.. My first one was super light and super short. The second one was a little heavier but still very light.

    Before the girls I bled like a stuck pig for four days and then the fifth I would barely spot. No cramps or anything though.
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    My periods use to be every 28 days like clockwork. Now they are every 30-35 days.

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    i have the implanon and i spot for like 2 days every 2-3 weeks. not really a period

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    I had the easiest periods in the world (aside from the occasional ruptured cyst) before I had kids. They are pretty crampy now, and more of a 5-week cycle than 4. Honestly, based on my experiences, I would prefer the occasional awful couple of hours of pain I had with the rupturing cysts to the week of cramps.
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    I've had one period since having babybot.
    I have mirena. I'm not too worried about it, cause I never had periods regularly before hand. So eh.
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    My periods were all over the place before I had kids, after Marguerite I am actually regular now!!!! HORRID cramps though.
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    before jackson, i had pretty painful periods... after him, they were normal and i rarely cramped. The same was after Bella, though sometimes i would get light cramping. After Ansley, my periods start off with spotting 1-2 days or so before hand, i bleed pretty heavy for the first 2 days and they usually last 5 days or so... not usually painful.
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    My first was amazing! No cramps, only lasted a few days... It was period heaven.

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