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Thread: Nightmares?

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    Is it possible that an (almost) 11 month old can have nightmares/night terrors?

    The past two nights DD has woken me up every two hours or so with screaming & crying. She has been sleeping through the night since ~4 months, with very little issues. When I go check on her, she's either still asleep or in a twilight-like sleep (switching positions). She settles back down quickly, thankfully.

    Last night's 5am wake up was pretty creepy. She was sitting upright, swaying back and forth, chin to chest, and still sleeping. I laid her down and she didn't make a peep until fully waking up to be fed.

    The crying is a different cry than her teething discomfort cry, and she's never really been bothered by her teething at night. She's not sick, no fever, and doesn't have these issues with her naps.

    If it is nightmares/terrors, is there anything we can do? Or is it a phase we just have to get through?
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    YES! My DD did that at approximately the same age. I was told rather than terrors or dreams that it was most likely growing pains in her legs. I started rubbing her legs before bed and giving her some extra fluids (water) before bed. It helped some nights but not all.

    Good Luck. I want to say it lasted like 2 weeks but not every night.

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