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Thread: Bobbing head while BF

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    Bobbing head while BF

    So this is starting to get REALLY irritating. DD will latch on fine at first, then after a couple minutes she will unlatch and start to "bob" on and off my breast from side to side and back and forth. She was doing REALLY well for a little while, and only doing it maybe once a feeding, but now it seems like she's doing it more and more often. I switch breasts and she'll latch on fine sometimes, and other times she'll just latch on for a few minutes and go back to bobbing her head on and off.

    What. Thee. Heck. It's really frustrating me :/

    She's only had a bottle twice, and pacifier once so I'm not sure if it could be nipple confusion or her just wanting to drive me up a wall. It seems like she'll do it once my breast isn't as full if I'm not mistaken as well. Could she just be frustrated with my letdown? Usually my letdown will make her cough when she first latches on to where I have to pat her back to help her out a little.

    be cool.
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    Aubs did that a lot at first. Not sure why, but she stopped as she got older. It sucked though because the latching process was excruciating each time

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    Sometimes the bob is associated an overactive letdown. They pull off and bob because they are getting a little too much. If there is a bit of an overactive letdown she could start getting too much foremilk and have spit up issues. And sometimes it is just because they are still nervous system inexperienced and don't have the control they want.

    LM used to bob ALL the time. It does get better though.
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    DS does that when I'm really full. I feel like I'm drowning him. It has been getting better though!
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