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Thread: Sleeping through noise.

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    Sleeping through noise.

    Right now, Madison could sleep through the Apocalypse without so much as an inkling that the world is crashing around her When did your baby start waking up with noises? I'm crossing my fingers that if we just keep normal noise levels even while she sleeps it will stay this way for at least a good while but I'm not so sure we're that lucky

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    Lola will be two on the 30th and she still sleeps through noise. It's rare when she'll wake up to a noise and it generally happens when she is overly tired and not getting into a deep enough sleep. We don't change the noise level for sleeping aside from "common courtesy" and we do that for all of the family members.
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    Wyatt still sleeps through everything. We made a point to NOT get quiet or do anything differently when he was sleeping/put down in his room. I vaccuumed and ran the garbage disposal and everything when he would be sleeping in his pack n play in the living room 10feet away. In this house, we do have a fan in his room so that creates some white noise but only because our house is super echo-y (and he needs the fan).
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    it depends on how loud she sleeps through most things when i have her door close and she's sleeping in her crib. but i was blowing drying my hair in her room (thats where i get ready in the mornings so i can watch her while i put on my make up) and my blow dryer woke her up. she was probably around 2 1/2 months.

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    Matt (4 mo) sleeps better when there is noise. He usually takes his naps in the living room in his swing and there is no way I could get a toddler to be quiet while he slept so I'm hoping that lasts. Conner got sensitive to noise around 2 months, but I always put him alone in my room in his crib. There was no noise in there so I think he just got used to total quiet when he slept. I'm hoping if I keep Matt exposed to normal noises, he'll continue to sleep through them for awhile.
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    She still does. When she was younger I always was loud during naps, helped her learn to sleep through it now she sleeps through damn near anything. She did start becoming slightly more sensitive at about 10 months but still sleeps like a log when she's out. I am extremely grateful for it.

    Quiet house and naps all the time is dangerous set up for a child that will only sleep in that environment. My moms friend did that and quickly regretted it, she never could do anything.
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    DS just turned 4, and he still sleeps through everything. I can thank the AC-130 gunners practicing nearby every night for that.
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    #8 about 4-6 weeks I think? Once she started STTN.

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    They still sleep through everything.

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