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Thread: Mommy's First Fail.

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    Mommy's First Fail.

    So Madison's nails were pretty long right outta dodge. They cut all but her thumbs which was driving me crazy, especially when her hand always end up near her face. Well I decided to cut the thumbnails.

    Turns out they were still "long" for a reason they were just how long her thumbnail was. I made my baby bleed within 24 hours of leaving the hospital I suck DH was lookin at me all ashamed haha I fully expected to suck at her first nail clipping, but I figured I would atleast cut extra nail, not the part attached to the bed

    be cool.
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    Bite her nails don't cut
    Follow Rylee's progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobie*Feeder View Post
    Bite her nails don't cut
    I've seen a lot of parents do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobie*Feeder View Post
    Bite her nails don't cut
    that's what I do. Its way easier to get closer. Plus you can do it while feeding her.
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    We've all done it, I know I have.

    I agree, bite her nails don't cut. LM is almost one and there are days I still bite over cut because she's so squirrelly and her skin grows into her nails like mine so I almost always accidentally clip her. DH finds it gross but I will totally bite her nails over making her bleed.

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    it can definitely happen to anyone! I still don't bother with clippers for DS's nails, he's much too wiggly and hates having me hold his hands still for any amount of time so I still bite his nails... I guess that's weird but you gotta do what you gotta do right?

    Live and learn, that's what parenting is all about
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    I did the same thing. That damn thumb!

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    I bit Aubree's too. They're so soft that they peel right off very easily. Now that she's older we clip, but I bit them for 7 or 8 months.

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