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Thread: Baby blow outs at the wrong time!

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    Baby blow outs at the wrong time!

    I thought of this when I was reading Maegans post about how her baby decided to blow out of two diapers and outfits while she was at the dr. office.

    What is the worst moment your baby had a blow out?

    A long time ago when DS2 was about 3 months old we were going to a friends wedding and had him dressed to the T. As we were getting him out of his carseat we smelled it. It was all the way up to his neck . We only had a onesie with us so totally adorable outfit goodbye, hello onesie.
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    While going through security at the airport in August. Pooped through his clothes, on his blanket, on me.... it was great! I had extra clothes for him.. but none for me.
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    My MIL and I had just gotten him in his car seat for his one month appointment, and he pooped. I got him out and at the same time I felt something on my arm, MIL noticed it. It was on one leg, his onesie, pants, and the car seat. We had to give him a bath. He was not happy.

    That's the only blow out we've had, and it was a relatively small one.
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    I'll never forget this....He was around a month old and DH was working nights so we had just dropped him off and we were playing in bed. I had him leaning against my legs while I was laying on my back singing and laughing. Then - it came. He pooped head to toe. My kid pooped his socks. I literally sat there for a second trying to figure out even what to do and was pretty impressed despite the poop on my son and comforter. Never, ever will I forget that My DH still laughs about him calling me later that night to check on us and me recounting the story.
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    Thankfully none in public...
    But once it happened in her crib, and I didn't know till I went in to get her.....

    It was awful...

    Oh, also today, she had a big one in her bouncer.... which I haven't figured out how to take it apart yet to clean the cloth part..
    So I had to clean that up with a wash cloth.
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    Kaia had one in Walmart right before she potty trained. She was in the stroller and we had no idea what had happened. People were giving us funny looks and I couldnt figure out why. She had blown out all over her, the stroller, her clothes, and was finger painting with it in the stroller.
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    Have not had one yet (knock on wood).

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