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Thread: Not making eye contact

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    Not making eye contact

    When did your LO start making eye contact? Cameron AVOIDS it. I'm starting to get worried since he's 3 months old, and everything I've read says they should be making eye contact by now and holding it for a few seconds. Blargh. Between this and his head not growing (he's gone from the 21st percentile, to the 14th, and now he's in the 7th) I'm all sorts of worried.
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    Every kiddo is different, some do it within weeks some, months. My great babies didn't hold it until 5 months or so.

    And the % drop is just him growing out I would not fret. Naomi is considered in the 10% for her weight. And she's perfectly healthy.

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    Aubree's weight percentile dropped from like the 92nd percentile for weight, steadily all the way down until at her 6 month check up, she was in the 17th percentile. Now she's back around the 25th. Remember that it's not a score-- it's not like 99% is an A and 1% is an F. It's just a range.

    Aubs held eye contact with DH for like 25 min while she was on the warmer getting cleaned off, measured, and getting her APGAR done. She's always been a staring baby, since day one. But not all babies are-- some don't really enjoy it. I wouldn't worry too much about it-- maybe just mention it to the pediatrician at his next appointment.

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