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Thread: Leave it up to my child

  1. BingBangBoom that's how babies are made
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    Leave it up to my child

    DH was laying on the couch with Gav. He was fussing a little bit but not much & then he got quiet so DH told me to come check him.

    He pooped & it leaked out his diaper. It was all over him, DH & my couch.

    But now he's passed out from some good 'ol swinin' & classical music with his first time in his Graco swing

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    Yay your husband and couch have been knighted LOL! Glad he liked his swing.
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    That reminds me of my trip down to Vegas, Joseph's diaper had leaked and DH was not in a hurry to change it (you know, cause it had already leaked ) and Joseph pooped again, and it SHOT out of the back of his outfit.
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    Ewww Blowout!

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    Yikes! I've never had a blow out like that. I think I would freak out!

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