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Thread: STTN...?

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    when did your children start to do it? Alex gets one decent stretch in of 3 1/2 or 4 hours but after that he is up every 2 or less to eat. He is a pretty big guy that likes to eat. I really don't have him on much of a bedtime routine but I'm not sure how much it would really help if i did. Honestly his sleep hasn't improved that much since the beginning other than the nice long stretch we get at the start which is a godsend.
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    Pey was 8 weeks old when she consistantly slept through the night. We always had a bed time routine, bath, bottle and right to bed.
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    Aubree STTN from 4 weeks on. There were a couple of nights when she was teething when she wouldn't, but even those, she only woke up once. I had Aubree on a very, very detailed and specific bedtime routine. Now that she's older, I'm a bit more flexible, but when she was small, it was exactly choreographed, down to when I started her white noise machine and which fabric of swaddler I had to use. She was always an awesome sleeper when I followed her routine and now, she's just an awesome sleeper period. We got very lucky in that department.

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    Landon still wakes up 8-12 times a night and he's almost a year old

    I think you just have to follow their lead (not that I'm probably the best person to be giving advice on the subject ). Some babies are good sleepers, and some are not. From the sounds of it, your little guy might develop into a pretty decent schedule if he's already sleeping blocks like that.

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    Belle WAS sleeping through the night from about 8 weeks old, but then DH deployed and we moved back home. (which was about a 10 day long process with the drive and waiting for our stuff to get here) She's been all messed up ever since. Her pediatrician gave me pretty good directions on how to try to get her back on track, so now I'm working on that... we shall see...
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    Anabelle slept through the night at 2 weeks. Joseph, is 4 months and counting and still not sleeping through the night.
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    I guess it depends on what you mean by STTN. Technically, 5-6 hours is considered STTN. So I guess 5 or 6 weeks, then? He was up to 9-10 hours by week 8 or 9 and held steady with that for another 4 weeks and then suddenly jumped to 12 a night. He is now pulling off 13 hours a night and I LOVE IT.
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    My daughter slept through the night right about 3 months. She completely did it on her own.
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    Nikaia was sleeping a full 10+ hours a night from about a month old. She never slept less than 5-6 hours in a stretch though, so I guess since birth? She is my good sleeper. Kalista has always woken up at least once but started giving us 6 hours stretches at about 3 months, she just went to bed early enough that waking up after 6 hours meant waking up at 3am. Now that she is 9 months we have gotten a few nights of a full 8-9 hours. Not the best sleeper but I can't complain!
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    Cadence came home from the hospital STTN.
    Courtney was 6 weeks old.
    Kason was 4 weeks old.
    Kaia was 2 YEARS old before starting to STTN and still at times does not at times.
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