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Thread: Talk to me about bedtime routines

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    Talk to me about bedtime routines

    What is your bedtime routine? What time do you start it? How long did it take your LO to respond to it (like they know that when they do X, Y, and Z it is time for sleeping)?

    Annnnnnd go!
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    The time has changed a couple times in the last 15 months but it always was dinner- bath-quiet snuggle time ( low lights , something quiet on the tv) with a bottle for comfort. Didn't let there be hang time between any of them or did bath time before dinner , nothing like that, and now DD is falling alsleep when i get her jammies on Constant vilgliance! er...i mean...consistency seems to be key for us.
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    Technically we started at birth. No naps after 5pm. We change clothes diaper change and nurse around 7-730. We will give a bath when needed.
    Since like 6 months she hasn't really nursed to sleep and doesn't need me to go to sleep. So I think our simple and easy routine works for us
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    Around 7:30 or 8, take her into her room. Change her diaper to a disposable, make sure she's in something comfy and fairly warm, read her a bedtime story or two, turn her white noise on, lay down and side-lie breastfeed her, give her her paci, pick her up and burp her while I rock back and forth (sometimes I sing if she seems fussy or too awake), then lay her down and wrap her up with her blanket like a burrito. Turn on her night light and leave. She goes right down every time

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    i give her a bath every other night then it's a bottle and we play for a little bit. she got some new light up toys from her gmaw that she loves and then i stick her in her crib while she's awake and i turn on her moble and her night light that puts stars on the ceiling and half the time she falls asleep. shes starting to do it more and more. sometimes i have to rock her to sleep.
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    He took to ours easily, because I started it pretty early. We've recently been able to keep him awake on the bottle, which changed it up a little but he did well!

    We start listening to Baby Einstein lullabies with quiet play for 30 minutes at 5:45, bathtime every night (soap one night, water two nights, repeat) at 6:15. Length of bath depends on his mood. After bath, I lotion him up and let him have some naked tummy time on his boppy with quiet play with two stuffed toys. At 6:30-6:40 depending, I change him into his PJs and start the bedtime bottle. Sing to him during the bottle, same set of songs that only get sung at bedtime (not necessarily lullabies), and keep all the lights off except for the hallway so I can see. I turn on the white noise machine and sleep sheep right before we start feeding. I talk to him softly while he eats to keep him awake.

    After the bottle, I put him into the crib awake, kiss his forehead a bunch of times and say "Goodnight Teddy, I love you!". Then I close the door, go downstairs, and he's asleep within five minutes without a peep.
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    T has had a routine since day one at home. It started at different times like once he would get baths around like 7:30 now it's 6:30.

    But we take a bath at 6:30 and then we eat cereal/fruit or veggie. Then I rock him with his bottle and then he falls asleep. He's usually down between 7-7:30 now days. And every night around 6ish is when he starts getting fussy. So he knows!
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    730 Peyton gets a bath, bottle and bed, falls asleep on her own by 8pm. Its so routine for her now when she gets in her jammies after her bath you better have a warm bottle ready Bc she wants to eat and go to sleep. Every other bottle she eats when she wakes up so we weren't sure how she would do eating and going to bed but it only took a few days and she caught on.
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    Walk, bath, PJs, bottle, book, bed.
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    I feel like a weirdo. We don't really have a routine. PJ's, new diaper, bottle, bed.

    She gets baths and whatnot but they're not always right before bed time. I read her books throughout the day so that's not necessarily a bed time thing either.

    I suppose it'll change and we'll have a real routine once we're settled into the new place. It's been hectic around here!
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